Boards and Committees

Sycamore Sports Booster Club Organization

The Sycamore Sports Booster Club is an organization of individuals dedicated to making the Sycamore Middle School and Sycamore High School interscholastic sports programs successful at all levels.

The governing structure of the Booster Club shall consist of:

  • Board of Directors
  • Executive Committee
  • Standing Committees
  • Special Committees
  • General Membership

Board of Directors

The Club shall be managed by a Board of Directors not to exceed 15 Directors who:

  • Attend monthly and special meetings of the Club.
  • Approve the annual budget proposed by the Executive Committee.
  • Approve and support plans and work of the standing committees.
  • Serve as chairpersons and members of standing and special committees.

2018-2019 Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall act on procedural matters brought to its attention by any Director, Committee, or Officer to fulfill the goals of the Booster Club. The Executive Committee meets monthly and shall consist of the following officers:

  • President: Jim DuMont
  • Vice President: Jason Fowler
  • Treasurer: Maggie Peck
  • Secretary: Tori Klaassens
  • Past President: Susan Mizgalski
  • Athletic Director:  Chauncey Carrick

2019-2020 School Year – Board of Directors

  • Bob Armstrong
  • Todd Burns
  • Chauncey Carrick
  • David Coovert
  • Jim DuMont
  • Shannon Egler
  • Mike Etienne
  • Jason Fowler
  • Tori Klaassens
  • Cindy Kozumplik
  • Guin Mathey
  • Eric Menzer
  • Susan Mizgalski
  • Maggie Peck
  • Jeff Ryder
  • Stacy Smith
  • Rob Wilkinson
  • Michele Zibrun
  • Sheri Zimmer

Standing Committees

1.) Finance: Shall work in conjunction with the Treasurer in preparation of budgets and other club fiscal and administrative matters. Chairperson: Rob Wilkinson

2.) Concessions: Responsible for the development and maintenance of the programs and policies concerning club handling of concessions at home events. Two co-chairs may serve. Co-Chairpersons: Sheri Zimmer and Cindy Kozumplik

3.) Spirit Merchandise: Shall be responsible for the selection of “Official Spartan Booster Club” merchandise and apparel; shall purchase inventory and sell these items with profits to the general Club account. Chairperson: Guin Mathey

4.) Scholarship: Shall recommend the number and amounts of annual Booster Club scholarships as well as criteria for recipients. Chairpersons: Executive Committee

5.) Hall of Fame: Will work with the High School Athletic Director to develop and establish policies for admittance into the Hall of Fame; organize and coordinate all Hall of Fame induction ceremonies; keep accurate records of all athletic events and research history of Spartan athletics. Chairperson: Bill Brady

6.) Website: Shall work with the school or other entity in developing, implementing and maintaining a website for the benefit of the Booster Club. The committee shall be in charge of publicizing Booster related events throughout the year. Chairperson: Jason Fowler

Special Committees

1.) First National Challenge: Annual fundraiser held in fall and winter to celebrate community and youth athletic programs. Chairpersons: David Coovert

2.) For the Love of the Game: Annual fundraiser held on the last Saturday of April to raise money and awareness of Sycamore Sports Booster Club. Chairpersons: Shannon Egler

3.) Spartan Open: Annual golf outing on last Friday in June to raise money and awareness of Sycamore Sports Booster Club. Chairpersons: Doug Stice

4.) Taste of Black & Gold: Annual kick-off event for school year held during Black & Gold football game. Chairperson: Mike Etienne

5.) Membership: To generate interest in Sycamore Sports Booster Club, manage communication to members and increase overall Club membership. Chairperson: Executive Committee

6.) MPVB Committee:  Multi-purpose video board.  Accept and coordinate sponserships.   Co-Chairpersons: David Coovert and Todd Burns

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